Rhonny Dam, An Atypical {Childfree} Chick

Amy had the good fortune of meeting author and activist Rhonny Dam at the inaugural NotMom Summit in 2015. Rhonny recently published An Atypical Chick, which chronicles her journey as a young woman who didn’t fit the mold to a childfree, ecological activist who promotes population reduction, fighting climate change, and cleaning up a polluted ecosystem. We asked Rhonny to share a bit about her new book, which you can find on Amazon. Congrats, Rhonny!

An Atypical Chick

Rhonny Dam, Author & Activist

Rhonny Dam, Author & Activist

An Atypical Chick is my story as a childfree-by-choice woman and how I came to believe that we “atypical chicks” are the ones who must be willing to create not just a new path to follow, but a paradigm shift to confront the need for a smaller population on earth and to ease the adaptation to our changing world by serving others.

I have always known that I am different, but I did not understand myself. My misalignment of my sexuality led to a struggle against who I was. And I didn’t have any examples of what I was to be. I was undefined. There was no one like me that I knew, so all I knew was I didn’t fit in.

For a long time, I tried to fit in to a role that was foreign to me. I failed at that. I made many mistakes along the way and I share those here. I ran from myself. I let it make me feel bad about myself even to the point of deep depression, self-abuse and degradation rather than being empowered. I learned much from my experiences, both good and bad, that I share with a hope that I can help others understand themselves.

While I’ve long known I was not like other women and not quite like men either, it took me too many years to embrace this middle space. Simply stated, I am wired as a hybrid – a female on the outside but not so much on the inside. Hybrids blend many male qualities with female. I would like to think that we could very well be the best of both worlds. Our hybrid nature often discourages motherhood and thereby allows us the freedom to fully focus on serving the greater good.

rhonny-dam_bookIn the past we were marginalized, and looked upon poorly by many. No more. Childfree women have a distinct and important role to fill in this over-populated 21st century world.

This is about a world in crisis from overpopulation, resource depletion, pollution and climate change, and at the same time it is not about the many and rapidly expanding threats to our world. The details of those topics have been well covered in many peer-reviewed papers and authoritative books and are for this purpose best left to the experts and the many environmental advocates.

This is about the many ramifications of overpopulation. The evidence of the population crisis is unmistakable. In one lifetime, planet earth has gone from 3 billion people to more than 7 billion and headed to 9 or 10 billion. We are overwhelming the life support systems on the planet. Our pollution is killing the oxygen-producing phytoplankton and forests. We are overharvesting fish and shellfish stocks, depleting our soils and groundwater reserves. We are increasingly dependent on a small handful of corporations for our seed and pharmaceutical needs. We must change or suffer unspeakable consequences.

I have come to believe that hybrids have been selected to lead the way in fostering an alternative childfree lifestyle. To be role models for others to follow. We must find fulfillment in this much-needed course. This is a call to action, for those of us who might not realize why we are who we are or what we should do about it. I call on fellow childfree hybrids to serve as role models, to speak and teach and light a new way on an overpopulated world. There are too many of us to sit back. We must maintain a basic quality of life on our overburdened planet.

Our time is now.


rhonny-dam_outlineRhonny Dam is a childfree-by-choice meat-eating dairy-consuming leather-wearing Earth-conscious environmentalist who loves this planet and wants to help it. Overpopulation is her deal. It’s time to talk about it and she won’t shut up!

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  1. Elena November 1, 2016 at 2:51 pm #

    If only more people felt this way, the world would be a much better place.


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