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Amy is a sociology professor who studies childfree families. When not conducting research or teaching, Amy enjoys holding the inside line of the track while skating as Wined Up (#13% abv) for Central Maine Derby, collecting frequent flyer miles, tasting and sometimes cooking kick-ass food of all types, and appreciating wine (preferably crisp, bell peppery whites and stinky, barnyard reds). She maintains "we're {not} having a baby!" with her husband, Lance.

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Childfree Status as Gender Transgression?

A poster presented at the 2010 meeting of the National Council on Family Relations. Cultural norms centered on heteronormative binaries of gender (male/female), sexuality (heterosexual/homosexual), and family (biological/chosen) prescribe that adults couple with/marry individuals of the other sex AND that they rear children together. Thus choosing to remain childfree could be viewed as a form […]

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Seeking Research Participants

A team of researchers conducting a multi-national project on people who choose not to have children wants YOU to participate in their survey! Interested? Check it out: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/2SFS7MD. For more on their work, see http://thechildfreechoice.wordpress.com/.

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Does not having kids make me less of a woman?

Presented at the 2010 meeting of the Eastern Sociological Society. Based on interviews with 29 childfree adults (19 women, 10 men), in this paper I examine how the childfree simultaneously resist and reify gender norms. Specifically, I raise a macro-level concern that has not been explicitly considered in previous studies of the childfree: that the […]

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