Adjusting the Plan

Oh Wine-y Baby, Where Art Though?

In a previous post, we described our effort to identify an ageable, yet affordable wine that we could uncork annually to celebrate the launch of our childfree blog – and to test our ability to nurture something over the years.

As it turns out, parents don’t have a corner on the market for things not always working to plan. While we’d planned to enjoy a lovely 2005 Chateau Citran from Bordeaux, geographic circumstance said otherwise.

Life in the hinterlands (a.k.a., Maine) comes with limited access to special wares like wine. But it also comes with darn good people who are always willing to go the extra mile to help their friends and customers out of a jam. Thanks to our friends at Bangor Wine & Cheese, we’ve acquired four lovely alternatives to the Chateau Citran. And, really, who can complain about more options? Especially when it means more wine? And because we’re childfree, what’s another few bucks to explore our options?

Wine Rack

Parallel Lives

For now, we’re struck by the parallel between our own childfree adventure in attempting to acquire our ideal bottle on our ideal timeline with that of path to parenthood. We’ve heard more stories than we care to recount about how parents we know attempted pregnancy then failed, or attempted and succeeded more quickly than anticipated. Or succeeded only to discover that the kid they got wasn’t the one they’d counted on getting.

So it goes with wine, it seems. Sometimes you get something you didn’t choose first. But we have a feeling the alternatives presented will be just as exciting, and maybe even better, than what we’d first planned for.

Childfree Feedback

Inquiring minds want to know… how did you come to the decision to be childfree, and has it gone as planned?

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