“Baby? Maybe?” CBS WABI TV5 Special Report on Childfree

Recently WABI TV5 News anchor Caitlin Burchill interviewed Amy and I for a two part series on the childfree…links and short descriptions follow.

Personally I really enjoyed this interview and the segments….unlike much reporting which we’ve seen or been a part of. For example one TV interview of us prominently featured an empty swing on our deck, rocking sadly in the wind; what’s that message? Caitlin however was genuinely interested in the topic. She certainly seemed to “get it” and her reporting was informational and unbiased.

A Teachable (Childfree) Moment

Which brings me to my favorite moment of the interview. At one point Caitlin mentioned how she was going to “interview a family” after us.

Now, all of us childfree folks have our specific pet peeves. Inconsiderate parents probably tops my list. You know what yours is. What’s Amy’s biggest pet peeve? Being told implicitly or explicitly that we are not a family.

As soon as the words finished exiting Caitlin’s mouth, Amy immediately responded “We are a family!”.  I have to give Caitlin credit…she immediately acknowledged what she had done. I don’t remember her exact words but she said something like “I just did what people do to you (childfree) all the time, didn’t I?”

Yes you did. And thanks for recognizing it! And thanks Caitlin for taking the time to research, film, and present a story that fairly represents childfree people.

“Baby? Maybe?”


The decision to have children isn’t an easy one, but what about the decision to have no kids at all. Baby? Maybe? The question seems to have filtered into conversations in media lately. With a historically low birthrate, many women are going against the age-old-belief that motherhood is natural or innate and making it a choice of their own.

Video Link: “Baby? Maybe?” Part 1

Part one is focused on the academic side and in it Caitlin interviews two University of Maine professors, Kim Huiman and, of course, Amy. Kim is an expert on the social construction of motherhood while Amy researches the childfree explicitly.

Video Link: “Baby? Maybe?” Part 2

Part two is an interview with two very different types of families; childfree Lance & Amy and a family with many children.


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