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Amy and I have Google Alerts set up to inform us of what’s what on the internet when it comes to stories and whatnot on the childfree. This particular alert was a first for me…a post about the childfree that is not written by the childfree that, however, caters to the childfree.

Maybe we’re making some progress?

But (more) seriously, we believe that the childfree will become an extremely powerful demographic in the not so distant future. Here’s a taste.

FourPlans: Plans for Childfree Buyers

By Aurora Zeledon
Here’s a growing demographic to pay attention to: people who choose not to have children. Why not offer them something more appealing than the typical starter or move-up, which assumes kids are in the picture? In the case of the homes below, that means fewer (but nicer) bedrooms, no Jack-and-Jill baths, and very private master suites.

So Many Options


Choice is the name of the game in this flexible plan. Do your buyers want three garage bays instead of two? Already drawn. How about a coffee bar in the master suite? No problem. There’s even an option for an alternate accessible bathroom to serve the guest room (or office). Check out all the handy storage: a pocket office, drop zone, walk-in pantry, and huge master closet that opens directly to the laundry room.

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  1. Nancy Taylor September 20, 2013 at 3:19 pm #

    Looks like a great idea, however there’s no way I would ever move out of my home. I have 4 beloved cats & a dog buried in my backyard & I can’t leave them behind.

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