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we’re {not} having a baby! does Roatan

The following is a re-post of a piece I wrote for a while back. Thanks to Whitney and Paddy! One of the great gifts of being childfree is the ability to travel. As a couple, Amy and I have the mindset that if there’s an opportunity to go somewhere, either for pleasure or work, we’re in. […]

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Married with Luggage. Without Kids.

Recently we had the awesome opportunity to be interviewed by Warren and Betsy Talbot for their Married with Luggage podcast. If we had to condense what Warren and Betsy are doing at Married with Luggage into one sentence we would say that they are continuously learning and working to to put their shared lives and happiness at the […]

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The Story(ies) of Crazy Baby

Many of you have taken what we consider to be an unhealthy interest in the origin of Crazy Baby. We’ve repeatedly been asked “Where did Crazy Baby come from?” We’ve also been asked: What the hell is that thing? Why wouldn’t you burn it with the help of a young priest and an old priest? Does […]

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Travel Companion

Crazy Baby Takes Roatan As you’ve heard, we’re childfree, but we’re traveling with our own Crazy Baby this year. Long story-short, Amy’s nephew and niece (who we love and find to be awesome and hilarious) found this creepy doll in the basement of their new vacation home. We decided to take it on our trip […]

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A Room with a View You might have noticed that our posts for the last week or so have been coming to you from the beautiful tropical island of Roatan. Roatan is in the Caribbean, just off the coast of Honduras. We love it here. It’s one of our favorite places to enjoy #childfreeadventures. We’ve […]

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