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To The People Who Seem Unable to Behave Like Adults

I like a good parent on parent brawl as well as the next childfree person, but when I read blogger Dad On The Run‘s recent post To The Person Who Left My Sister This Unbelievably Judgmental Letter I wept for humanity. Why? Because everything about it, and everyone involved, is ridiculous. Here’s an open letter to […]

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“Baby? Maybe?” CBS WABI TV5 Special Report on Childfree

Recently WABI TV5 News anchor Caitlin Burchill interviewed Amy and I for a two part series on the childfree…links and short descriptions follow. Personally I really enjoyed this interview and the segments….unlike much reporting which we’ve seen or been a part of. For example one TV interview of us prominently featured an empty swing on our deck, rocking sadly in the […]

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Losing a Friend

I wrote this for Marcia Drut-Davis, a childfree trailblazer, a while back. Thanks for allowing me to re-post! If you don’t already, you should follow Marcia at her blog, Facebook page, and on Twitter. Without further ado… Losing a Friend I have to admit… being childfree has been fairly easy for me. First and foremost […]

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Childfree & Still Raising Other Peoples Barns

A barn raising is an event in which members of a farming community band together to, ahem, raise a barn. Technically it could be to repair an existing barn as well, so there you go. It’s not all in the name. Anywho, the point is that the community gets together to help each other accomplish a task […]

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Childfree and carefree? – from

We’re always interested in how the choice to be childfree is perceived around the world so this post on caught our attention. Upon reading the article it seems that things are not all that different in Malta. For example, like in the States, more and more people are choosing to be childfree. The childfree […]

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Childfree Comedian Myq Kaplan Does {not} Want Children…to Exist At All

Here at w{n}hab! we’ve liked comedian Myq Kaplan ever since we caught him on the 2010 season of Last Comic Standing. Recently our like of Myq went up a few levels after we watched a clip of him on the Letterman Show. Go ahead and watch: Good stuff, right? After seeing this we had to […]

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hildfree by choice childless by choice childfree life childfree living no kids life without kids life without children no children DINKS GINKS

Getting Parents On Board the Childfree Bus

So, a few days ago Amy posted a link to a news article on our Facebook page. The article summarizes research findings on the relative happiness of parents vs. the childless. The study in question had some interesting findings: “…childless couples have happier marriages and feel more valued in their relationships…” “…women without children were the […]

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Holiday Cards: Parents Gone Missing!

We’ve identified a trend in the holiday photo cards that have been filling our mailbox: a noticeable absence of parents! And it’s not because we have sooooo many friends who are childfree. Nope. It’s because those who are parents opt to put their kids front and center on their cards and take themselves out entirely. […]

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Childfree Dating & Networking at

UPDATE: Kathi and Josh have discontinued Their vision for the site was incredible and we wish them the very best in their next ventures! Sad to see this resource go. Not too long ago we noticed what appeared at first glance to be a new dating site pop up on the internet. You may […]

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Vulcan Proverb: When You Assume it makes an Ass out of U. Not Me.

Newsflash! Childfree Man Doesn’t Hate Kids!

If you follow this childfree thing much at all you quickly realize that there are a multitude of reasons for why people choose not procreate. There are the kid haters, the world savers, the hedonists, the volunteers, and the ‘I’m waaaaaaaay too busy for that’ types just to name a few. To be fair, most […]

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