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Author Kristen Tsetsi: Living Guiltfree & Childfree

No Children, No Guilt Kristen Tsetsi, writing under her pseudonym Sylvia D. Lucas, is having a promotion for her childfree humor book No Children, No Guilt this week to celebrate it’s availability on Kindle. The great news is that the Kindle version is free today and tomorrow (Friday-Saturday, May 10-11, 2013) on Amazon and The book is […]

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Be Fruitful and Multiply!

BYO Magic Underwear The world’s most famous Mormon, Mitt Romney is in the news this week, spreading wisdom to a new cohort of graduates at Southern Virginia University. Part of that wisdom consists of encouraging the grads to quickly marry and start making babies …in that order of course. Be fruitful and multiply. An underlying subtext is […]

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Funnywoman is {not} having a baby! An interview with Jen Kirkman

i can barely take care of myself Congratulations are in order! Jen Kirkman is {not} having a baby! Or maybe she is (see her response to our first question below!). In either case, she was gracious enough to chat with us about being childfree, writing her recent book I Can Barely Take Care of Myself, […]

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Adjusting the Plan

Oh Wine-y Baby, Where Art Though? In a previous post, we described our effort to identify an ageable, yet affordable wine that we could uncork annually to celebrate the launch of our childfree blog – and to test our ability to nurture something over the years. As it turns out, parents don’t have a corner […]

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w{n}hab!’s Childfree Manifesto

What’s This All About? …or as our neighbors to the north would say, “What’s this all aboot?” But seriously, as of today you’ll notice the new, super cool, extra fancy we’re {not} having a baby! manifesto of childfree-ness in the right column of the blog. We were inspired to create this by another site [ExpertEnough]. The idea […]

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Should the Childfree Have a Voice in Child-Rearing?

On Saturday, New York Times Op-ed Columnist Frank Bruni asserted that parents should cut themselves some slack and spend a little less time fretting over whether little Johnny “probably won’t eat or definitely won’t eat or must somehow be made to eat” this or that, particularly when what he’ll likely wind up eating in any […]

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I get to be her playmate

Presented at the 2012 meeting of the Eastern Sociological Society. Based on interviews with 31 childfree adults (21 women, 10 men), in this paper I examine childfree people’s relationships with children. Specifically, I analyze the stories childfree people tell about the roles of children in their own lives, in the lives of others, and in […]

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Not Being a Parent Has Advantages for Families and Kids

“Childless and loving it: Not being a parent has advantages for families and kids,”  in the Bangor Daily News. An op-ed on the important role childfree adults play in kids’ lives. Argues that childfree families should not be overlooked, if for no other reason than that these families actually benefit children.

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w{n}hab! Logo - childfree adventures in a child-centric world

Due in 2013…!

we’re {not} having a baby! offers a fresh perspective on the childfree life. We aim to entertain and inform, serving up camaraderie and support for other childfree folks like ourselves. We also offer a glimpse into the childfree life for those who might be considering it for themselves or curious about why others do so.

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