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Why Women In Their 30s Are Having More Babies Today Than 20-Somethings

Though it has been edited, the original version of this piece was published by Huffington Post.   For the first time since the numbers have been tracked, women in their 30s are having more babies than younger women, according to data recently released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Birth rates for women between […]

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NotMom Summit Opener: Who are the NotMoms?

Last weekend, the first ever NotMom Summit brought together women from around the world who don’t have kids, whether by choice, chance, or circumstance. It was an incredible experience! I was delighted to be invited to help set the stage for the Summit by providing a review of who NotMoms are, and who we are not. I disentangled […]

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Why being childfree is good for everyone

Welcome to Earth Day 2015 and to reason # 34,967 not to have kids…the environment. We haven’t discussed this aspect of the childfree lifestyle on w{n}hab! as much as some others but it is certainly one of the most positive effects of the choice not to procreate. So, reduce, reuse, recycle, and read this post […]

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Princeton Mom Susan Patton-tly Crazy

We have our first guest post on Lance’s Rants! Yep, today Amy steps up to the mic to drop her two cents on the musings of wack job Susan Patton. Without further ado, enjoy! ~ Lance Susan Patton-tly Crazy In a fit of fear mongering that would surely make doomsday demographer Jonathan Last proud, “Princeton […]

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“Baby? Maybe?” CBS WABI TV5 Special Report on Childfree

Recently WABI TV5 News anchor Caitlin Burchill interviewed Amy and I for a two part series on the childfree…links and short descriptions follow. Personally I really enjoyed this interview and the segments….unlike much reporting which we’ve seen or been a part of. For example one TV interview of us prominently featured an empty swing on our deck, rocking sadly in the […]

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Childfree and carefree? – from

We’re always interested in how the choice to be childfree is perceived around the world so this post on caught our attention. Upon reading the article it seems that things are not all that different in Malta. For example, like in the States, more and more people are choosing to be childfree. The childfree […]

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What to Expect When No One’s Expecting: A Recent Review

The doomsday stylings of journalist Jonathan Last have been critiqued by demographer David Coleman in a recent review of Last’s What to Expect When No One’s Expecting: America’s Coming Demographic Disaster in the academic journal Population and Development Review (you can read the first page of the four page review here). Some of you may have heard about Jonathan […]

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