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4 Ways the Childfree Create Family: Findings from the Social Science Research

Families that don’t include children are largely overlooked by family scholars and in popular discourse. In an effort to rectify this oversight, I recently published an article in the peer-reviewed journal Sociology Compass that analyzes what we know from previous research on how childfree families “do” family. What do childfree families look like? And how […]

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Childfree and carefree? – from

We’re always interested in how the choice to be childfree is perceived around the world so this post on caught our attention. Upon reading the article it seems that things are not all that different in Malta. For example, like in the States, more and more people are choosing to be childfree. The childfree […]

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Getting Parents On Board the Childfree Bus

So, a few days ago Amy posted a link to a news article on our Facebook page. The article summarizes research findings on the relative happiness of parents vs. the childless. The study in question had some interesting findings: “…childless couples have happier marriages and feel more valued in their relationships…” “…women without children were the […]

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The Changing American Family – from New York Times

The New York Times just published a special section of their Science Times entitled The Changing American Family. And in the category of disappointing but not surprising, nary a partnered childfree family is to be found. Author Natalie Angier notes that the American family “has become as multilayered and full of surprises as a holiday turducken” […]

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Casual Work Increases Chance of Women Being Childless at 35: study – from

Our comrades to the north are reporting findings from a study conducted by a team of researchers at Australia’s University of Adelaide showing that delayed childbearing ain’t just for highly-educated professional women anymore. It seems even women in casual or temporary jobs, at least those who work longer in such jobs, are waiting longer to […]

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Childfree Mythbusting – from

Recently Amy was invited to contribute to our local paper, The Bangor Daily News, on the topic of the childfree. She decided to bust a few myths, using research to refute some of the common misconceptions about the childfree. Hopefully your favorite myth gets busted! Setting the record straight on 6 myths about childless childfree […]

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Childfree – A Latina’s Perspective

The following Childfree Story is brought to us by Gloria de Leon. Gloria is a Latina, and as a member of that community, has some interesting perspectives to offer on the pressures experienced by women of this ethnic group. While some readers may take issue with her characterizing herself as childfree – she became a […]

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From Childless to Childfree

Some of you may remember that I had a little issue on Twitter a few weeks back. In the course of having the abbreviated conversation that Twitter allows, I inadvertently insulted several childless people. This exchange, along with some other bits and pieces I’ve read recently got me thinking about what qualifies a person as […]

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Living near family low on home search wish lists, poll finds – from

Dr. Amy, sociologist extraordinaire, was asked by to comment on a recent online survey conducted by, a real estate site. The survey separates parents from non-parents, but like most surveys, does not separate the childfree from the childless. Still, there’s some interesting info in there. The survey reports that, compared to parents, non-parents… […]

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Childless and Happy? – from MORNINGS, Nine Network Australia

This interview is borderline comedic. Ok, it’s actually full-on comedic. For those that missed it, the original article written by Kate Spicer for Mail Online (UK) is titled ‘Any woman who says she’s happy to be childless is a liar or a fool‘ and is subtitled  “Take it from a woman who’s given up her […]

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