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Why Women In Their 30s Are Having More Babies Today Than 20-Somethings

Though it has been edited, the original version of this piece was published by Huffington Post.   For the first time since the numbers have been tracked, women in their 30s are having more babies than younger women, according to data recently released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Birth rates for women between […]

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Out of the Void, a childfree guest post by El McGillivray

Today’s post is by El McGillivray. El is a part-time illustrator, nascent activist, and one third of a small engineering partnership.  She studied art, modern languages, and philosophy in Switzerland and the USA before settling permanently in the UK six years ago.  She runs Childfree Women UK & Ireland, the free social network for childfree […]

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Image - Childfree blogger Elizabeth Barton

The Road Not Taken

This Childfree Story is brought to us courtesy of Elizabeth Barton and is a re-post from her blog The Lizard Chronicles. Why “The Lizard Chronicles” you ask? Maybe she gets lethargic in cool weather…or it could have something to do with her name. We’ll never know. Either way, enjoy! The Road Not Taken Not long […]

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Eliminating the Culture of Intensive Parenting: A Win-Win for Parents & Childfree

We can probably all agree that we’ll never all agree on how, when, or even whether, the childfree get to talk about parenting. Some say if we don’t have kids, we have no right to discuss the lives and choices of those who do.* Others suggest that we childfree are among the best equipped to be a voice of […]

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Young People in Japan Have Given Up on Sex – from

Slate is reporting on an interesting trend in Japan where growing numbers of people are not only childfree but are sexfree. I just coined a new word! Pure speculation here but I wouldn’t be surprised if what we’re seeing here is the perfect storm of technological, socioeconomic, and biological forces: Technology – the first generation growing […]

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GP refuses woman contraceptive pill – cites moral issue with birth control

Lots of interesting news out of New Zealand this week. Another article from Stuff details how a 23 year old woman in New Zealand was refused renewal of her birth control prescription by her General Practitioner because he is “pro-life” …cue Monty Python here. The GP goes on to prescribe the “rhythm method” – a method […]

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“Who will care for me?” – an editorial

This editorial from The Boston Globe describes one man’s thoughts on aging childfree. Who will care for me? Anxiously staring down old age as one of tens of millions of baby boomers likely to be left on their own. By Phil Primack, JUNE 30, 2013 KALI CIESEMIER DURING ONE OF MY REGULAR VISITS to my 91-year-old mother’s […]

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Childfree Derby Chick Makes HuffPost!

Living the Dream We promise to keep this brief since there’s no big childfree connection here but we’re psyched to share this article from HuffPost, featuring we’re {not} having a baby!‘s very own Wined Up (a.k.a. Amy)! It describes Amy’s journey on the road to becoming a Roller Derby Queen at the ripe old age of […]

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Roller Derby, Babies, and Risk

Roller Derby Medic! A few weeks ago I accidentally bashed my head against the wood floor that my roller derby team practices on. As luck would have it (or not), this resulted in a concussion that I am now working hard (or, more accurately, working very little) to recover from. That’s Amy (aka Wined Up), […]

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