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Childfree and a Kid Person? It’s Possible!

Sometimes the childfree stories we share teach us a totally new perspective from our own. Sometimes it feels like we’re reading our own story! Courtney’s is a case of the latter. We too assumed we’d have kids one day and lucked out when we later realized it was a choice and that we were on […]

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Permanent Birth Control

Star LaBranche brings us our latest childfree story. Star is a freelance writer and editor. She tells us that only reason she would ever have children would be in order to buy Hello Kitty items that are made for small people. She currently lives with a large, fluffy cat and writes for her personal website Star’s […]

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Why I Don’t Want to be a Mom…or an Astronaut

Today’s childfree story is brought to you by Rachel. She brilliantly explains why she doesn’t want to be a mom… or an astronaut. Rachel’s Childfree Story Growing up with my older sister, we loved to play with three things: Barbies, Legos and these huge “Dress Up” bins my mom had filled with old clothes, hats […]

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Married with Luggage. Without Kids.

Recently we had the awesome opportunity to be interviewed by Warren and Betsy Talbot for their Married with Luggage podcast. If we had to condense what Warren and Betsy are doing at Married with Luggage into one sentence we would say that they are continuously learning and working to to put their shared lives and happiness at the […]

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Gay and Childfree

Welcome to another Childfree Story! Today we meet Ramona & Frances, a childfree same-sex couple living in Canada. Ramona is Canadian and Frances is from the US, which makes them an interracial couple as well. Hold on…Amy wants to tell me something. … … … … … … Ok. This is moderately embarrassing. Amy has […]

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South African & Childfree

South Africans Can Be Childfree Too It is a well-known fact* that South Africans are almost never childfree. Why is this you ask? Well, it’s because African predators like lions and giraffes are drawn to the childfree as prey items. Their tender flesh and thoughtful minds are just tastier than those of parents and parents-to-be. […]

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Childfree in New Zealand, Part 2

Today we present part 2 of Childfree in New Zealand, the ongoing saga of the lives and loves of the childfree in the land of the Kiwi! That’s not right. I mean the Kiwi. That’s actually not right for more reasons than just the Kiwi mixup. It’s really the story of one couple – Lisa […]

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Childfree in New Zealand, Part 1

You may not know it, but this childfree thing is truly an international phenomenon. Amy, in all of her academic wisdom tells me that the trend to be childfree shows the greatest growth in, probably not too shockingly, developed nations.  Given that, Amy & I are really interested in what it’s like to childfree in […]

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Picture of Marcia Drut-Davis, Author "Confessions of a Childfree Woman: A Life Spent Swimming Against the Mainstream"

Childfree from 1974 to 2013 – Marcia Drut-Davis

Marcia Drut-Davis is a pioneer in the childfree movement. She is the author of Confessions of a Childfree Woman, runs the site Childfree Reflections, and can be followed on Facebook here. As you’ll read below, Marcia put herself ‘out there’ nearly 4 decades ago and paid a price for it. While she may think not […]

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Photo of Gloria de Leon

Childfree – A Latina’s Perspective

The following Childfree Story is brought to us by Gloria de Leon. Gloria is a Latina, and as a member of that community, has some interesting perspectives to offer on the pressures experienced by women of this ethnic group. While some readers may take issue with her characterizing herself as childfree – she became a […]

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