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Pick-a-Child: Round 2

Next Up In this post we pick up where we last left off, reviewing the second candidate competing for our affections. Remember, we’re making an important decision here: which wine will we provide space and love for in our home? Which do we want to nurture as it matures? On deck we’ve got the 2006 Chateau Barreyres […]

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Planning for Care Without Kids

You’re Going to Die Alone! A recent Huff Post Live segment featured a discussion of what poor old us without kids are to do without the “built-in safety net” that kids supposedly provide. The segment begins with the following claim: “As people grow older, they often turn to their children for care, assistance, and camaraderie.” The […]

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Childfree Derby Chick Makes HuffPost!

Living the Dream We promise to keep this brief since there’s no big childfree connection here but we’re psyched to share this article from HuffPost, featuring we’re {not} having a baby!‘s very own Wined Up (a.k.a. Amy)! It describes Amy’s journey on the road to becoming a Roller Derby Queen at the ripe old age of […]

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“Childless” Story Features Mostly Parents

Where Have All the Childfree Gone? Earlier this week, on Mother’s Day, CBS Sunday Morning ran an 8 minute story entitled Childless: Couples Who Choose Not to Have Children. The story begins and ends with the Duggars, the family of TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting, famous for its procreative prowess. We thought it odd that […]

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Childfree Thanks on Mother’s Day

A Shout-out to Our Moms on Mother’s Day It’s true – neither of us is a mother (did we just blow your minds with that insight?) but we both have mothers. On this Mother’s Day we thought we’d take a moment to thank these special women in our lives. As a happily childfree couple, we’re […]

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Author Kristen Tsetsi: Living Guiltfree & Childfree

No Children, No Guilt Kristen Tsetsi, writing under her pseudonym Sylvia D. Lucas, is having a promotion for her childfree humor book No Children, No Guilt this week to celebrate it’s availability on Kindle. The great news is that the Kindle version is free today and tomorrow (Friday-Saturday, May 10-11, 2013) on Amazon and The book is […]

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Pick-a-Child: Round 1

Meet the {First} Candidate In our last Wine-y Baby post we shared our revised plan to taste four different alternatives to the Chateau Citran we’d first planned to nurture while it matured. Well, with the help of some friends, we’ve tasted all four and have a few impressions to share. The first bottle competing for our affections […]

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Be Fruitful and Multiply!

BYO Magic Underwear The world’s most famous Mormon, Mitt Romney is in the news this week, spreading wisdom to a new cohort of graduates at Southern Virginia University. Part of that wisdom consists of encouraging the grads to quickly marry and start making babies …in that order of course. Be fruitful and multiply. An underlying subtext is […]

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Funnywoman is {not} having a baby! An interview with Jen Kirkman

i can barely take care of myself Congratulations are in order! Jen Kirkman is {not} having a baby! Or maybe she is (see her response to our first question below!). In either case, she was gracious enough to chat with us about being childfree, writing her recent book I Can Barely Take Care of Myself, […]

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Roller Derby, Babies, and Risk

Roller Derby Medic! A few weeks ago I accidentally bashed my head against the wood floor that my roller derby team practices on. As luck would have it (or not), this resulted in a concussion that I am now working hard (or, more accurately, working very little) to recover from. That’s Amy (aka Wined Up), […]

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