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Adjusting the Plan

Oh Wine-y Baby, Where Art Though? In a previous post, we described our effort to identify an ageable, yet affordable wine that we could uncork annually to celebrate the launch of our childfree blog – and to test our ability to nurture something over the years. As it turns out, parents don’t have a corner […]

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Childfree Baby Bottles

Baby in a bottle To honor the launch of our childfree blog, our baby, we had planned to decant another sweet baby, a very special bottle. As you’ll soon be all too aware, one of Amy’s hobbies is wine. Lance thinks pretty highly of it too. So we thought it would be fun to uncork […]

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w{n}hab!’s Childfree Manifesto

What’s This All About? …or as our neighbors to the north would say, “What’s this all aboot?” But seriously, as of today you’ll notice the new, super cool, extra fancy we’re {not} having a baby! manifesto of childfree-ness in the right column of the blog. We were inspired to create this by another site [ExpertEnough]. The idea […]

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In The News

Should the Childfree Have a Voice in Child-Rearing?

On Saturday, New York Times Op-ed Columnist Frank Bruni asserted that parents should cut themselves some slack and spend a little less time fretting over whether little Johnny “probably won’t eat or definitely won’t eat or must somehow be made to eat” this or that, particularly when what he’ll likely wind up eating in any […]

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It’s a… Blog!

Special delivery! We’re having a… BLOG! And we think a celebration is in order. While our announcement may not seem worthy of congratulations to some, we consider our milestones to be no less significant or important than the many milestones celebrated by parents and parents-to-be. We’re all well familiar with what those milestones are for parents – early […]

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We Heart Marriage Revisionists!

Recent news coverage of the Supreme Court’s consideration of same-sex marriage highlights the opposition’s desperate attempts to limit marriage to heterosexuals by claiming that the purpose of marriage is procreation. To this we first say WHAT?! and, more importantly, CHEERS! to our fellow marriage revisionists! On our wedding day, January 7, 1995. Happily married and […]

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In The News

Do You Have the Mom Gene?

“Mom Gene Discovered in Mice: Do you have it?” on Today Moms. Amy is quoted discussing the sociological implications of the discovery of a possible “mom gene” in mice.

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In The News

Not Being a Parent Has Advantages for Families and Kids

“Childless and loving it: Not being a parent has advantages for families and kids,”  in the Bangor Daily News. An op-ed on the important role childfree adults play in kids’ lives. Argues that childfree families should not be overlooked, if for no other reason than that these families actually benefit children.

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