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Do the Childfree Love Differently? by Shelly Volsche

A Guest Post by Shelly Volsche Do the childfree love differently? Do we approach romance and our relationships with more cynicism? Are we against love and marriage? These are questions guest writer Shelly Volsche has received from research participants and society at large. To find out, she embarked on a survey. Shelly describes her findings below. […]

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Raising Edvard Munch: Our Foray Into Pet Parenthood

Much ado has been made in the press comparing those who opt in to parenthood to those who opt out. In particular, differences in rates of happiness between parents and non-parents are a subject of some fascination. The strain that raising children together can put on a relationship is well documented. Many new parents grow apart after having […]

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22 Years of Wedded {Childfree} Bliss

Twenty-two years ago today, on a balmy 0 degree day in Minnesota, Lance and I opted in to enjoying the legal right to file joint tax returns forever and ever – or until one of us dies or until we can no longer stand each other – which ever comes first. Having conquered love and […]

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Love Filled & Guilt Free

If you’re childfree, why did you decide not to have kids? We all have our own reasons. As a sociologist who has studied the childfree for many years, Amy knows that one of the most common reasons childfree couples give is that they value their relationship as a couple. They prefer to nurture their connection with one another and […]

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Eliminating the Culture of Intensive Parenting: A Win-Win for Parents & Childfree

We can probably all agree that we’ll never all agree on how, when, or even whether, the childfree get to talk about parenting. Some say if we don’t have kids, we have no right to discuss the lives and choices of those who do.* Others suggest that we childfree are among the best equipped to be a voice of […]

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Married with Luggage. Without Kids.

Recently we had the awesome opportunity to be interviewed by Warren and Betsy Talbot for their Married with Luggage podcast. If we had to condense what Warren and Betsy are doing at Married with Luggage into one sentence we would say that they are continuously learning and working to to put their shared lives and happiness at the […]

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Living and Loving the {childfree} Life of Our Choice

Lance and I are the first to admit we’ve got baggage. And we’re married. Yup, we’re married and we’ve got baggage. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. We love our marriage, warts and all! But Betsy and Warren Talbot recently opened our eyes to a new way of describing our, er, state. We’re married, […]

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Casting Call for DINKs in the UK

Producers are seeking Double Income, No Kids couples for a new prime-time series focused on what it means to be happy in modern day Britain. Are you a DINK? Are you in the UK? If yes, check out the call below! NEW TV SERIES CASTING CALL: DINK (double income no kids) couple based in the […]

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Now Casting: (Childfree) Couple’s Retreat!

We just received a message from a casting agency looking for childfree couples! The Pitch We are looking for couples (preferably with no children) who could benefit from a couples retreat! It’s a fun show for a major network The Payola The couple selected for the show will be compensated $25,000, too. It is a […]

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In The News

The All-or-Nothing Marriage – from The New York Times

An opinion piece in the New York Times asks the question, “Are marriages today better or worse than they used have been?” The author’s answer is a resounding… yes. Marriages are both better AND worse off than in the past and, unsurprisingly, kids play a role in the equation. We learn from the article that, on […]

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