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All Tied Up

A recent article notes that more women than ever – and, more significantly, way more women than men – are opting to undergo sterilization procedures. Rather than men subjecting themselves to a relatively benign snip, women are getting all tied up. The article notes that in the 1970s, equal numbers of women and men were […]

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Getting Parents On Board the Childfree Bus

So, a few days ago Amy posted a link to a news article on our Facebook page. The article summarizes research findings on the relative happiness of parents vs. the childless. The study in question had some interesting findings: “…childless couples have happier marriages and feel more valued in their relationships…” “…women without children were the […]

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From Childless to Childfree

Some of you may remember that I had a little issue on Twitter a few weeks back. In the course of having the abbreviated conversation that Twitter allows, I inadvertently insulted several childless people. This exchange, along with some other bits and pieces I’ve read recently got me thinking about what qualifies a person as […]

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Reliving childfree life…Blog Post by Buzz Bishop

Thanks to the Google, I found a link to this blog post in our inbox today. I more or less liked it. I don’t know this guy or his wife but they strike me as the kind of parents that I would like. They have two kids and seem to care for them as we […]

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Not on the same page regarding kids? Seven Tips from Laura Scott, Author & Coach

Many thanks to Laura Scott for today’s guest post. Laura is an author, coach, documentarian, and blogger. And she is a part of the wonderful world of smart, interesting, and supportive fellow childfree bloggers we’ve had the pleasure of becoming better acquainted with during our own blogging excursions. Here, Laura shares seven tips to help […]

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Pick-a-Child: Round 2

Next Up In this post we pick up where we last left off, reviewing the second candidate competing for our affections. Remember, we’re making an important decision here: which wine will we provide space and love for in our home? Which do we want to nurture as it matures? On deck we’ve got the 2006 Chateau Barreyres […]

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Author Kristen Tsetsi: Living Guiltfree & Childfree

No Children, No Guilt Kristen Tsetsi, writing under her pseudonym Sylvia D. Lucas, is having a promotion for her childfree humor book No Children, No Guilt this week to celebrate it’s availability on Kindle. The great news is that the Kindle version is free today and tomorrow (Friday-Saturday, May 10-11, 2013) on Amazon and The book is […]

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In The News

We Heart Marriage Revisionists!

Recent news coverage of the Supreme Court’s consideration of same-sex marriage highlights the opposition’s desperate attempts to limit marriage to heterosexuals by claiming that the purpose of marriage is procreation. To this we first say WHAT?! and, more importantly, CHEERS! to our fellow marriage revisionists! On our wedding day, January 7, 1995. Happily married and […]

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