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Chris Jeub – Master of Debate or Logical Fallacy?

Amy has already done a most excellent, and kindly, job of eviscerating the particulars of hexadecadad™ Chris Jeub’s recent blog post deriding the “Child Free Ideology” as he puts it. So why am I writing more on this you ask? Well, I just couldn’t let go of something I read when I was digging into Jeub’s […]

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Builders Taking Note of the Childfree – from

Amy and I have Google Alerts set up to inform us of what’s what on the internet when it comes to stories and whatnot on the childfree. This particular alert was a first for me…a post about the childfree that is not written by the childfree that, however, caters to the childfree. Maybe we’re making […]

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Mexico’s Luxury Goods Market Booms Thanks To Childless Couples -from Huffington Post

When it comes to the luxury goods market in Mexico, there’s a new kid in town. Or rather, there are no kids in town. A recent Huffington Post article describes how couples without kids “are putting the department store before the baby carriage” and the impact that’s had on Mexico’s market for the finer things […]

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