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Holiday Cards: Parents Gone Missing!

We’ve identified a trend in the holiday photo cards that have been filling our mailbox: a noticeable absence of parents! And it’s not because we have sooooo many friends who are childfree. Nope. It’s because those who are parents opt to put their kids front and center on their cards and take themselves out entirely. […]

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Dr. Amy Blackstone appeared on The Katie show to discuss empirical research on the childfree

Childfree Expert on the Katie Couric Show

My wife Amy… Ahem. Starting over. Dr. Amy Blackstone Ph.D. of the University of Maine, chair of the sociology department, and all around sociologist extraordinaire appeared on the Katie Couric show to provide research-backed information on the topic.  Childfree by Choice on Katie The show is chopped up into 3 segments and links are provided […]

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(Not so) Breaking News: Helicopter Parenting a Bad Idea

In the course of my day job, I sometimes have occasion to meet the parents of students I teach. 9 times out of 10 this is an utter delight. I’m not biased or anything but my students are generally pretty awesome. So it stands to reason that their parents too are awesome. But there’s that […]

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Reliving childfree life…Blog Post by Buzz Bishop

Thanks to the Google, I found a link to this blog post in our inbox today. I more or less liked it. I don’t know this guy or his wife but they strike me as the kind of parents that I would like. They have two kids and seem to care for them as we […]

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Miracles happen every day! Or in the case of childbirth, 4.3 times per second

The Not So Miraculous Miracle of Birth

So, one pervasive feature of our child-worshiping culture is this notion of “The Miracle of Birth” which quickly transitions into children themselves being miracles. I’m kind of a stickler for defining terms and then not letting people redefine them for their own purposes. Ask Amy how asshole-ish I can be about this. Miracle Defined As […]

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5 Things Parents Need to Stop Saying to Non-Parents -from the Huffington Post

Parents Say the Darndest Things An article in the Huffington Post has been making the social media rounds and causing quite a stir among the childfree and parents alike. John Kinnear wrote the piece, intended as advice to himself and other parents on what NOT to say to to their non-parent friends. Here’s what John had to […]

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Childfree Thanks to our Dads

Happy Father’s Day! As we did for our moms on Mother’s Day, we’d like to take a moment to give thanks to our dads on this Father’s Day. Though we can only speak from the experience of being the children of parents, we feel confident in our assertion that it’s not easy being a parent (we […]

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Childfree Thanks on Mother’s Day

A Shout-out to Our Moms on Mother’s Day It’s true – neither of us is a mother (did we just blow your minds with that insight?) but we both have mothers. On this Mother’s Day we thought we’d take a moment to thank these special women in our lives. As a happily childfree couple, we’re […]

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Author Kristen Tsetsi: Living Guiltfree & Childfree

No Children, No Guilt Kristen Tsetsi, writing under her pseudonym Sylvia D. Lucas, is having a promotion for her childfree humor book No Children, No Guilt this week to celebrate it’s availability on Kindle. The great news is that the Kindle version is free today and tomorrow (Friday-Saturday, May 10-11, 2013) on Amazon and The book is […]

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Do You Have the Mom Gene?

“Mom Gene Discovered in Mice: Do you have it?” on Today Moms. Amy is quoted discussing the sociological implications of the discovery of a possible “mom gene” in mice.

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