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Raising Edvard Munch: Our Foray Into Pet Parenthood

Much ado has been made in the press comparing those who opt in to parenthood to those who opt out. In particular, differences in rates of happiness between parents and non-parents are a subject of some fascination. The strain that raising children together can put on a relationship is well documented. Many new parents grow apart after having […]

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Parenting Dogs: Are Childfree Dog Owners Really Childless?

As a researcher herself, Amy always jumps at the chance to share exciting new findings on the childfree. This latest guest post comes from Shelly Volsche, a student who just recently (and successfully!) defended her MA Thesis at UNLV. Congrats, Shelly, and thank you for sharing your work with us!! Parenting Dogs: Are Childfree Dog […]

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Random Childfree Thought for the Day

Kids, Dogs, & Diamonds On days when I’m lucky enough to be able to drive my scooter to/from campus, various random thoughts pop into my head while I’m scooting along Route 2. Yesterday was such a day. For some reason these three things popped into my head: kids, dogs, and diamonds. Why, you ask? I’m […]

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Dogs Bond Like Babies

Dogs bond with their owners in ways similar to children with parents, according to findings from a new study published in the journal PLOS ONE (a more accessible discussion of the study’s findings, pictured below, can be read here). This probably isn’t surprising to most dog owners. Even as someone who has never owned a dog (I love them; […]

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