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Completely Childfree

Cross-posted from Feminist Reflections with permission. “I don’t know why women need to have children to be seen as complete human beings.” —Marisa Tomei In sixteen short words, Marisa Tomei sums up pretty much everything I think about having kids. It’s not for me but I understand it’s a choice that has meaning for lots of […]

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Is there a Childfree Movement?

Not too long ago I came across a wiki entry on the “childfree movement.” The entry claims the “childfree movement is a grassroots social movement advocating childlessness by choice.” It’s easy to critique this statement; I don’t know many childfree who “advocate childlessness,” by choice or not.  Perhaps the wiki entry’s author is thinking of the zero […]

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“There’s more thinking to decide”: Research on the Childfree Decision

A few months ago, the research finding that many couples who don’t want kids reach the decision “after just one conversation” caught the attention of reporters. Many expressed shock and dismay, calling the decision a “snap choice” and referring to couples’ limited discussion about the matter “strange.” Most reports poo-pooed the childfree who participated in […]

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The Childfree Choice on Reproductive Left Podcast

I recently talked about the childfree choice on Reproductive Left, an awesome podcast produced by Mabel Wadsworth Women’s Health Center right here in River City (Bangor, Maine, that is). It was a fantastic experience, made even better by the fact that I was interviewed by a former student, Abbie Strout, who is now Mabel’s Education […]

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4 Ways the Childfree Create Family: Part Deux

A couple of weeks ago I posted the first installment of 4 Ways the Childfree Create Family, describing how the childfree fulfill two of four common functions of families. This week, I’ll address the other two functions. To recap, social scientists generally recognize four major functions that families fulfill in our society: 1)      Fulfilling the sexual […]

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“Baby? Maybe?” CBS WABI TV5 Special Report on Childfree

Recently WABI TV5 News anchor Caitlin Burchill interviewed Amy and I for a two part series on the childfree…links and short descriptions follow. Personally I really enjoyed this interview and the segments….unlike much reporting which we’ve seen or been a part of. For example one TV interview of us prominently featured an empty swing on our deck, rocking sadly in the […]

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4 Ways the Childfree Create Family: Findings from the Social Science Research

Families that don’t include children are largely overlooked by family scholars and in popular discourse. In an effort to rectify this oversight, I recently published an article in the peer-reviewed journal Sociology Compass that analyzes what we know from previous research on how childfree families “do” family. What do childfree families look like? And how […]

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Childfree Mythbusting – from

Recently Amy was invited to contribute to our local paper, The Bangor Daily News, on the topic of the childfree. She decided to bust a few myths, using research to refute some of the common misconceptions about the childfree. Hopefully your favorite myth gets busted! Setting the record straight on 6 myths about childless childfree […]

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Dr. Amy Blackstone appeared on The Katie show to discuss empirical research on the childfree

Childfree Expert on the Katie Couric Show

My wife Amy… Ahem. Starting over. Dr. Amy Blackstone Ph.D. of the University of Maine, chair of the sociology department, and all around sociologist extraordinaire appeared on the Katie Couric show to provide research-backed information on the topic.  Childfree by Choice on Katie The show is chopped up into 3 segments and links are provided […]

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Two Things I’d Add to My Chat with Katie Couric

UPDATE: The show is scheduled to air on Monday, September 16. Woohoo! Yesterday I had the chance to fulfill one of my biggest professional goals – to discuss the contributions of sociological research in a broad-reaching, national forum. Ok, ok, the REAL goal was always to do this on Oprah. But then Oprah up and […]

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