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Employment Discrimination Against Women Without Kids

An article published by the All-China Women’s Federation describes findings from a recent survey suggesting that married women without kids and single women “past the optimal marrying age” are “likely to encounter discrimination in job-seeking.” Employers, it seems, assume that women without kids will have them eventually and that women’s presumed childbearing will cost the company […]

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A Study of Childfree Black Women’s Experiences

Be Our Guest, Be Our Guest! We recently had the pleasure of meeting Kimya N. Dennis, a sociologist and criminologist who has embarked on a study of childfree Black women. After posting a call to participate in her research, we invited Kimya to share a little more about her research with us and she does […]

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Call for Research Participants

Kimya N. Dennis, Assistant Professor of Sociology and Criminal Studies at Salem College, is conducting research on the experiences of childfree Black women. The following are minimum requirements for participation: 1. Twenty-three years of age or older. 2. Identifies as a woman who is Black, African-American, or of the more immediate African diaspora. 3. Has made […]

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Seeking Research Participants

A team of researchers conducting a multi-national project on people who choose not to have children wants YOU to participate in their survey! Interested? Check it out: For more on their work, see

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