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Work-Life Balance, Part III: Is it all bad news for the childfree?

NOTE: This is the third of a 3-part installment on work-life balance. Part 1 can be found here; Part 2 can be found here. In this, the third installment of our Work-Life balance series, I consider how some childfree say they benefit from the predominant narrative that in the balance of work and life, “life” […]

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Work-Life Balance, Part II: But it’s different when you’re a parent!

NOTE: This is the second of a 3-part installment on work-life balance. Part 1 can be found here; Part 3 can be found here. Part 1 of our work-life balance series ended with the research-based conclusion that everyone suffers when work conflicts with life. Yet the idea that childfree people need and deserve balance as much […]

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Work-Life Balance, Part I: When “Life” Doesn’t Mean “Children”

NOTE: This is the first of a 3-part installment on work-life balance. Part 2 can be found here; Part 3 can be found here. Work-life balance is a concept that can vary for different people but, at its core, it is about an individual achieving what she or he perceives to be the ideal combination […]

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A Childfree Take on Taking Your Child to Work

This Thursday, we will see the 22nd anniversary of the Ms. Foundation’s Take Our Daughters to Work day.* First conceived in 1992 by Ms. Foundation President Marie C. Wilson together with Ms. Foundation co-founder Gloria Steinem, the day has spread to dozens of countries and includes millions of participants and workplaces. As a feminist sociologist of […]

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Casual Work Increases Chance of Women Being Childless at 35: study – from

Our comrades to the north are reporting findings from a study conducted by a team of researchers at Australia’s University of Adelaide showing that delayed childbearing ain’t just for highly-educated professional women anymore. It seems even women in casual or temporary jobs, at least those who work longer in such jobs, are waiting longer to […]

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Opting Out Without Kids

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade, you’ve heard all about the supposed “opt-out revolution.” It’s that thing where elite women trade in their high-powered jobs for full-time motherhood. It’s gotten a lot of press since the term was first coined in Lisa Belkin‘s 2003 New York Times Magazine piece. (Note: […]

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Flying… with Children

So, earlier this year, I got an awesome opportunity consulting for a company based in Greece. As part of the gig, they flew me to their headquarters in Athens to work with their staff for a week. This did not suck. As a childhood fan of all things mythological going to Greece is a dream come […]

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Employment Discrimination Against Women Without Kids

An article published by the All-China Women’s Federation describes findings from a recent survey suggesting that married women without kids and single women “past the optimal marrying age” are “likely to encounter discrimination in job-seeking.” Employers, it seems, assume that women without kids will have them eventually and that women’s presumed childbearing will cost the company […]

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“Are you being singled out?” -An article by Bridget Jones

This article from Stuff describes findings from a recent study comparing work/life balance satisfaction of parents to that of non-parents. Turns out, more parents happy with their work/life balance than those without kids. Are you being singled out? By Bridget Jones | Last Updated 05:00 14/7/2013 It’s Friday, 2.30pm and a familiar battle line has been drawn. […]

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Childfree Derby Chick Makes HuffPost!

Living the Dream We promise to keep this brief since there’s no big childfree connection here but we’re psyched to share this article from HuffPost, featuring we’re {not} having a baby!‘s very own Wined Up (a.k.a. Amy)! It describes Amy’s journey on the road to becoming a Roller Derby Queen at the ripe old age of […]

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