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You might have noticed that our posts for the last week or so have been coming to you from the beautiful tropical island of Roatan. Roatan is in the Caribbean, just off the coast of Honduras. We love it here. It’s one of our favorite places to enjoy #childfreeadventures.

We’ve been coming here since 2007 and aim to make the trip A) annual, B) longer each time we come, and C) awesome. C is a no-brainer and easily achieved. Because we are neither rock stars nor royalty, A and B are possible only because we don’t have kids.

Our home while we're on Roatan. Check out other pics from our #childfreeadventures at pinterest.com/nothavingababy/wnhab-in-roatan-2013. We'll be updating regularly with new photos.

Our home while we’re on Roatan. Check out other pics from our #childfreeadventures at pinterest.com/nothavingababy/wnhab-in-roatan-2013. We’ll be updating regularly with new photos.

Full House

Now, just because we’re on one of our #childfreeadventures doesn’t mean we’re here alone. We’ve got a full house; just not the kind that comes to mind when you hear the phrase Full House (for those who grew up in the 80’s and 90’s at least).

On this, our 5 week island hiatus, we’ve built in 3 weeks worth of visits from different groups of friends sandwiched between a week on our own on each end. And we don’t exclude our parent friends – though they generally don’t stay longer than a week (they’ve got to get back home to the kids, after all).

So what do we do with all this free time? A bit of scuba, a tad more snorkeling, some hard core beach lounging, our share of rum appreciation, and a whole lot of staring at the view from the deck of our temporary home. For us, it’s heaven.

The view from our temporary home. Not too shabby!

The view from our temporary home. Not too shabby!


Bucking the Norm

In a world where it’s presumed that we will have – or should at least aspire to have – a brood of baby Blackstones, we’re happy to be bucking the norm. One consequence of said bucking is having the freedom to run off to the tropics for large chunks of time each year.

We love having the freedom to experience these kinds of adventures. And we know many of you do too. In response an earlier post, Meredith talked about how she and her husband spent 10 years following the Grateful Dead and how the fun continues even today as they follow Dead tribute bands. And Emily, who was about to embark on a trip to NOLA with her husband, shared her love of travel. How awesome do these #childfreeadventures sound?!

This is what we’re referring to in our blog’s tagline, childfree adventures in a child-centric world. We aim to carve out a space where we can celebrate not aspiring to a Duggar-like existence.

Don’t get us wrong.  We’re not dogging on kids (and there are spaces and places aplenty that celebrate them). And, yes, we know that parents have all kinds of adventures we’ll never experience. We dig. We just dig adventures of the childfree variety a little more.

Childfree Feedback

What are your favorite #ChildfreeAdventures?

2 Responses to #ChildfreeAdventures

  1. TSM December 19, 2013 at 5:24 pm #

    I just found your blog by googling “blogs about not having children” this afternoon. I am 28, married and considering leaving it at that… Childfree (I appreciate that term). I have enjoyed reading your posts and watching interviews. It is nice to know there is a community. I live in a community that is centered around having children and I don’t see many examples of what being Childfree looks like.

    I had to stop and comment because I just returned from a week vacation with the Hubby on Roatan and LOVED IT! We plan to go back often. I am listening to Reggae Music instead of xmas music this year.

    • Lance December 20, 2013 at 1:27 am #

      Roatan does not suck. 🙂

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