GP refuses woman contraceptive pill – cites moral issue with birth control

Lots of interesting news out of New Zealand this week. Another article from Stuff details how a 23 year old woman in New Zealand was refused renewal of her birth control prescription by her General Practitioner because he is “pro-life” …cue Monty Python here.

The GP goes on to prescribe the “rhythm method” – a method of birth control that is dubious at best. The Mayo Clinic entry on this method states that “Although effectiveness varies, in the first year of typical use an estimated 13 to 25 out of 100 women practicing the rhythm method for birth control will get pregnant.” Wikipedia points out the the standard failure rate for calendar-based contraceptive methods is 25%.

That’s not birth control; its Russian roulette.

GP refuses woman contraceptive pill

LECTURED: Mel Pont, pictured with fiancé Callum Alexander, was refused the contraceptive pill by a doctor in Blenheim.

Blenheim woman Melissa Pont thought her doctor was “joking” when he refused to give the contraceptive pill.

Pont, 23, had recently moved to Blenheim with her fiance, Callum Alexander, and went to see Dr Joseph Lee at the Wairau Community Clinic to renew her prescription of the contraceptive pill.

“I went in and all I needed was a repeat of the pill and he said he would not give me a prescription because he was ‘pro-life’,” Pont told The Press today.

“I thought he was joking. It didn’t seem real that he would not give it to me. I started getting quite annoyed, especially as I had just waited an hour in reception.”

Lee recommended Pont use the “rhythm” contraceptive method, an un-reliable method of using a calender and not having sex on “fertile” days.

“It was not an option I was keen on at all. It was ridiculous in this modern day.”

Pont said Lee questioned her on why she would not have children. “I said I’d just bought a house and was not ready to have children but that I was in a committed relationship. It’s my choice when to have children. He looked disgusted by my response.”

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Childfree Feedback

Do you think that medical professionals should have the right to refuse patients access to care based on their personal beliefs? If so, why and under what circumstances?

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  1. Kat July 22, 2013 at 12:31 am #

    I think this is absolutely disgusting. Any medical profession who has issues with competently doing their job because of ‘personal beliefs’ should not be practicing medecine. I saw a similar story to this in the news recently, about a pharmacist who refused to dispense contraceptives in his pharmacy. If you do not perform every part of your profession then you should not be a part of the profession. I am appalled that a doctor or pharmacist can get away with citing ‘personal beliefs’ as a reason to neglect their professional duty to do what is best for the health of their patients.

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