NotMom Summit Opener: Who are the NotMoms?

Last weekend, the first ever NotMom Summit brought together women from around the world who don’t have kids, whether by choice, chance, or circumstance. It was an incredible experience!

NotMom Summit 2015 opening slideI was delighted to be invited to help set the stage for the Summit by providing a review of who NotMoms are, and who we are not.

I disentangled some of the confusing, and sometimes controversial, terminology used to describe those of us who don’t have kids, described what the “landscape” looks like when it comes to NotMoms (e.g., how common are we and when and where do we see childlessness?), and I shared some of the social science on NotMoms, work that’s been ongoing for the last 40+ years, presenting findings intended to put the demographics into context.

A number of women I met at the Summit asked that I share the slides from my presentation. Without further ado, click on the following link to download the slides: Blackstone slides NotMom Summit 2015.

Here’s to NotMoms everywhere!

Ps. For more about the research on NotMoms, check out we’re {not} having a baby!‘s research pages here.

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