Pick-a-Child: Round 2

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In this post we pick up where we last left off, reviewing the second candidate competing for our affections. Remember, we’re making an important decision here: which wine will we provide space and love for in our home? Which do we want to nurture as it matures?

On deck we’ve got the 2006 Chateau Barreyres Haut-Médoc. This wine has been said to be “luscious” with a “‘feminine edge.” A tempting choice, no doubt. And with no kids at home, says Amy, “I can get my luscious, feminine edge out anywhere, anytime!” So can Lance, of course. But that’s for another post.

2006 Chateau Barreyres Haut-Médoc

2006 Chateau Barreyres Haut-Médoc, Courtesy http://www.caves-explorer.com/

Survey Says

So, what did mom and dad’s little helpers have to say about this gem? Read on, friends, read on.

Anonymous Friend 1: “The smelly, but promising, child. Pungent, but once it mellowed, really good.” Sounds like us as kids, frankly. We like.

Anonymous Friend 2: “This kid is reckless and energetic, clever and expressive. It’s that kid who is so involved in whatever activity they’re doing that they don’t notice their stinky drawers. Little bit of band-aid.” If you’ve learned anything about our taste in wine, it’s that we love anything with a good stank. Add essence of band-aid and we’re even happier!

Anonymous Friend 3: “So far, a bit one-note. Good colour. A bit needy. Sometimes hysterical. Exasperating but perky. Audacious!” Hmm. We don’t do needy. But we do dig audacious.

Anonymous Friend 4: No notes. Again. If we’ve learned one thing about Anonymous Friend 4, it’s that we won’t be asking him to babysit any time soon. Totally unreliable. Who invited this guy anyway?

Lance: “Diaper time! FAVORITE.” Well there we have it. But let’s wait to see what he says about the remaining two before leaping to conclusions.

Amy: “OMG! I love it! Band-aids, band-aids. Fave so far. Poopy diaper. Stinky toe jammy.” While this may not sound like a ringing endorsement, it truly is. Though we do wish Amy would learn to write in complete sentences. You’d think the PhD would have helped with that.

Taking It All In

So, a mostly positive, if mixed set of reviews. And we thought getting our friends involved would help us sort through our options. Despite the fact that their reviews are mixed, we (Amy and Lance, that is) seem pretty much on the same page about this potential wine-y baby of ours. That’s good. We’re the ones who will be stuck raising this thing together, so for now we’ve placed it as our A-#1 choice. We’ll see if it stands up to the test of the next two options. 

For us, being on the same page about something that we plan to make any kind of extended commitment toward is key (trust us — we’ve learned this through lots of trial, lots of error, and more than 20 years together). We’re on the same page about this potential wine-y baby, just as we are about not wanting a REAL whiny baby.

Childfree Feedback

How important do you think it is for couples to be on the same page about the kids question?


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