Pick-a-Child: Round 3

Ok, you know the drill by now. In this, our third installment of Pick-a-Child – previous installment here – we review a 2008 Chateau Beausejour Pentimento, described in one review as having “a way of capturing old world style with its stony soil notes.” 

2008 Chateau Beausejour Pentimento

2008 Chateau Beausejour Pentimento
Courtesy wine-searcher.com

“Soil notes.” Sounds like a baby. However, we prefer our soil notes in a glass as opposed to on our hands, carpet, walls, etc.

From the Peanut Gallery

Our friends really stepped up to the plate when reviewing this prospective wine-y baby. 2+ glasses of wine can release the inner critic in anyone …

Anonymous Friend 1: “Mellow/understated but with potential (…very much like myself, therefore I hate him.)” We do a appreciate a good amount of alcohol-fueled self loathing in our friends; not so much in our wines.

Anonymous Friend 2: “This child is a little insecure. Compared to the others, it’s a bit more pensive & mischievous. It grew on me and would probably get better with age.” Mehh. All things being equal we’d like our kid to be good now and later.

Anonymous Friend 3: “Thin, acidic, good legs – tastes young. Could improve a lot …well, it gets more interesting. Brusque, petulant. Needs to breathe but didn’t take long to improve after the first taste. A non-conformist wine; a trifle insubordinate.” Ooh la la! Someone fancies themselves a connoisseur and they’re a bit loquacious about it! Seems like reviewers 2 and 3 are on the same page; not great now, could improve with age.

Anonymous Friend 4: “Thin but smells nice!” Anonymous Friend 4 finally speaks! Not sure what the review means, but at least they woke up enough to write something. Thanks, Anonymous Friend 4!

Lance: “Confusing. Strong & subtle. Needed to breathe …released the gas.” It is possible by the time that Lance wrote this he had indulged in more than just a taste of each wine. “Strong & subtle”? “…released the gas”? Brilliant tasting notes or ravings of a drunken madman? We’ll never know. What we do know is that Lance did not appear to have loved this one.

Amy: “Eh. Kind of disappointing. A tad boring. Better once it airs out.” Perfect description of some kids we know.

In Summary…

This wine-y baby is clearly not a winner. There was some consensus on it’s future prospects – could age well – but no one really wanted to go to bat for it. There are a lot of kids out there in this same camp. They start out rough – maybe they can’t stay out of trouble or they’re not the brightest knife in the drawer or maybe just lack direction. Many of these kids ultimately turn out fine. But who wants to take that risk? Who wants to invest the 18-35 years – 35 does appear to be the new 20 – required to find out? For some people, this is the meaning of their lives. It’s just not for us!

Childfree Feedback

A major component in our choice to remain childfree has been the recognition of the impacts having a child would have on our lifestyle, both known and unknown. By ‘unknown’ we mean things like what kind of person we’d end up bringing into the world. Has this been a factor in your decision to be childfree or to have children?
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