Pick-a-Child: Round 1

Meet the {First} Candidate

In our last Wine-y Baby post we shared our revised plan to taste four different alternatives to the Chateau Citran we’d first planned to nurture while it matured. Well, with the help of some friends, we’ve tasted all four and have a few impressions to share.

The first bottle competing for our affections is (drum roll, please)… 2005 Chateau du Grand Bos: described as having an unmistakable “whiff of barnyard.” Amy is especially drawn to any wine whose description includes “barnyard” and we’’ll both take a poopy wine over a poopy diaper any day so we were excited to give this one a swirl.

2005 Chateau du Grand Bos

Friendly Advice

We asked our friends to share their impressions of each wine on our fancy homemade tasting notes. Specifically, we asked, “If this wine was a child, how would you describe it?”  Here’s what they had to say about the Chateau Grand Bos:

Anonymous Friend 1: “I can’t remember… this is the child that gets forgotten at the grocery store.” Not a particularly ringing endorsement, unless you like to be thought of as a negligent parent.

Anonymous Friend 2: “Nice and confident. Cheerful and bright. Whimsical. I think this kid would be the kind you’d actually like to visit with.” Well that sounds promising!

Anonymous Friend 3: “Likely to see less change over time. A bit thinner than I like, but has a great balance now. Cheerful and dramatic. Sometimes moody; other times broody. Verbose when feeling passionate.” Hmmm. On the fence here. No one likes a too-skinny kid, and this one sounds a tad unpredictable.

Anonymous Friend 4: No notes. Either this one was so good, our friend got distracted or it was so disappointing he didn’t want to hurt our feelings by telling us how much he disliked our potential Wine-y Baby. In either case, you disappoint us, Anonymous Friend 4.

Lance: “Too mature. Won’t last.”

Amy: “Mmmmm. Not as good as others but decent.”

And there you have it. Reviews of Wine-y Baby option 1 are clearly mixed but no one seems to really want to hang out with this kid for long, so we’ll probably have to pass. We’re in this for the long haul, and we don’t want to be that couple with the kid that everyone has to pretend to like.

Childfree Feedback

We’re thinking our friends were just being nice about this wine that we’d picked as our possible Wine-y Baby. While we are NOT into kid-bashing here at we’re {not} having a baby! we’ve all had that encounter with the kid of a friend who we really didn’t dig. Assuming the parents are friends you want to keep, how do you handle your less-than-awesome feelings about their kid? Feign interest? Avoid any/all interaction or discussion centered around the kid? Something else? We’d love to know your strategies!


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