You Can’t Pick Your Kids. You Can Pick Your Wine.

When Life Hands You Lemons …Wine About It!

In our last Wine-y Baby post we described how we adjusted when things didn’t go according to plan. Our attempt to acquire our ideal bottles of wine on our ideal timeline didn’t quite work …somewhat like others’ paths to parenthood don’t always work as they had hoped.

Now that we’ve adjusted and received four alternatives to our original wine from our friends at Bangor Wine & Cheese, we’re ready to pick a winner.  Parents don’t get to pick their kids, but we sure get to pick our wine-y baby! Even better, we get to enlist the help of our friends!

Friends to the Rescue

To make our decision, we invited a few childfree friends over for a wine tasting. We asked them to share their thoughts about our four options on our custom tasting notes:

4-16-2013 12-43-35 PM - Tasting Notes

We’ll share the results soon and, boy oh boy, you’ll want to hear them! We have some hilariously creative, er, brilliantly discriminating friends with exceptional palates. We can’t wait to share which wine we’ll nurture in our basement and enjoy over the coming years.

Like a real baby, we have no idea how this wine will turn out even after providing it the climate and stability it demands. How will it mature?  Will our wine mellow? Will it be well balanced? Or will it turn out to be a volatile sour puss? We hope the home that we provide it will result in years of joy, entertainment, and deliciousness.

Childfree Feedback

Parents put lots of time, energy, and money into their kids hoping they’ll turn out as planned. We suppose we’re doing the same thing with our own wine-y baby (admittedly to a different degree!). What’s your wine-y baby? What are you willing to invest your heart and soul and hard-earned cash into, and why?


3 Responses to You Can’t Pick Your Kids. You Can Pick Your Wine.

  1. April 19, 2013 at 2:04 pm #

    And here are the ads on your site:
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    Ha ha ha.
    *Sigh.* Why is the world obsessed with enabling more baby production when there are already too many that are uncared for.

    • Amy April 20, 2013 at 11:36 am #

      LOL! Oh dear. Sorry about that! Does that qualify as real irony or is it more the Alanis Morissette variety of ironic? And I can’t help but wonder… what is “shady grove fertility” and is it better than sunny grove fertility?

      On a serious note… excellent question re: enabling more baby production. I can’t figure that out either.


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