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we’re {not} having a baby! is the brainchild of Amy & Lance Blackstone, a childfree couple, married since 1995.

Childfree, Since 1995!

Amy is a sociology professor who studies the childfree choice and author of Childfree by Choice (Dutton, 2019). When not conducting research or teaching, Amy enjoys roller derby – both as a super fan and, in a past life, while skating as Wined Up (#13% abv), collecting frequent flyer miles, tasting and sometimes cooking kick-ass food of all types, and appreciating wine.

Lance’s day job involves business analysis – and wishing he didn’t have a day job. He enjoys all things tropical – in particular, snorkeling and scuba diving on tropical islands and, when not on a tropical island, propagating coral in his home reef aquariums. Lance appreciates a fine Scotch or Bourbon now and again.

Together, we’re active in our community, once ran a pop-up event space in our home for fun, and feel pretty darn lucky to live in the time and the place that we do.

we’re {not} having a baby! offers the childfree a space for camaraderie, celebration, and, occasionally, commiseration. On the fence or not childfree? This is a space where you can learn about the childfree choice, who makes it, and why.

For more about who we are and what we’re about, check out our original birth blog announcement and our {childfree} manifesto.

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Email: werenothavingababy@gmail.com

10 thoughts on “About Us

    1. Depends on the circumstance. Our preference is childfree but we’re not jerks if someone uses childless – we just want to be sure it’s clear that it’s a circumstance we’ve happily and intentionally chosen. 🙂

  1. Am processing your new book for our library and was so happy to see it! I have been childfree (and married) for 34 years and can’t imagine it any other way! Thanks for the publication!

  2. Hi. Glad I found this site. This will give me a little lunchtime reading, as the news is getting a little tiresome.

  3. Stumbled on your book on the “new non-fiction” shelf at my library. Checked out immediately. Halfway thru, and feeling relieved, vindicated, and far more educated on my childfree choice. Thank you for this book and for what you do!

  4. I just checked out your book at the library. I’m just getting started but wondered if your research/book only approaches the childfree lifestyle as a choice. Do you address other situations: people who have been ambivalent all their life and passed childbearing age, or were not ever able to have biological children or for other reasons than a deliberate choice?

  5. Subject: Tax Justice for Child Free People: How to End Your Local Property Tax Code’s Grand Extortion Against You

    Great website! It’s great to see that more people are learning of the many financial, health and career related and climate change decelerating benefits of living and remaining child free.

    But the next phase of our movement must be organizing to get REAL tax justice from your state legislature which enables your town’s school district to commit grand theft extortion against child free people EVERY school tax year! Ask anyone homeowner or apartment/co-op/condo dweller living in most towns in CA, NJ, MA and super taxed places like Nassau and Suffolk County NY-or almost anywhere else in the US-and they will tell you that school taxes typically make up at least 65% of their property tax bill.

    I doubt most of us would mind paying some school tax to support the public school system, but child-free homeowners shouldn’t be paying anywhere near what their neighbors with kids pay, living in homes on the same or nearby blocks and of comparable assessed value.

    NO WHERE in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights is it stated that people have a right to reproduce. Doing so is a choice; indeed a privilege. And no one should be compelled by the state-under threat of eviction, foreclosure or seizure-to pay for someone’s privilege!

    Clearly, Child-free people are a super minority, and we are long overdue for justice against the discrimination and legalized extortion from the property tax system which has victimized us for generations.

    Only by creating ONLINE petitions for every county and/or state (as per that state’s petitioning rules) can we hope to end this historic super exploitation against us once and for all. Something between 3,000 and 10,000 signatures will legitimize a petition for it to be put before any state legislature. LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN NOW!!

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