{childfree} manifesto

we're {not} having a baby!

2 thoughts on “{childfree} manifesto

  1. After 12 years of seeking a doctor to perform permanent birth control, I finally had a hysterectomy…. Because of pre cancer cells. It’s a shame that that’s what it takes for me to get what I want… Pre cancer cells. Even then, they were hesitant. The whole time I was in preop I kept hearing how young and healthy I am, from nurses who are younger than me. I wanted to punch them in the throat. I already have a date and confirmed guests for my unbaby shower when I’m healed. I’m gonna celebrate the shit out of this milestone!

    1. Andrea,
      Congratulations! I practically danced into my surgery (took a demon-possessed ovary for me to get what I wanted). My husband did not tell me for years that the MD who did his vasectomy gave him grief. Hubby knew I would have pitched a fit, especially since no one in the medical field would have listened to my wishes at that time.

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