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  1. After 12 years of seeking a doctor to perform permanent birth control, I finally had a hysterectomy…. Because of pre cancer cells. It’s a shame that that’s what it takes for me to get what I want… Pre cancer cells. Even then, they were hesitant. The whole time I was in preop I kept hearing how young and healthy I am, from nurses who are younger than me. I wanted to punch them in the throat. I already have a date and confirmed guests for my unbaby shower when I’m healed. I’m gonna celebrate the shit out of this milestone!

    1. Andrea,
      Congratulations! I practically danced into my surgery (took a demon-possessed ovary for me to get what I wanted). My husband did not tell me for years that the MD who did his vasectomy gave him grief. Hubby knew I would have pitched a fit, especially since no one in the medical field would have listened to my wishes at that time.

  2. Muito bom essa ,chance de refletir ,sobre algo tão importante liberdade.Bom eu naturalmente não quis ser pai estou tranquilo do alto dos meus 51 aniversário kkkk gosto das crianças mas como gosto dever as araras,os patos nolago os pássaros,etc.noro no Brasil ,América do sul são Paulo.

  3. 1. What is keeping you from having a child?
    2. Which definition of “family” are you referring to−the one without a child?
    3. How exactly are you leading a rich and meaningful life without a child?
    4. Why made you think that children are considered our lives “center-of-attention,” which you believe is wrong?
    5. Do you love children, as they are a gift of god to this world?
    6. How exactly are you happy and fulfilled without a child?
    7. Do you know the difference between ‘selfish’ and ‘immoral’?
    8. How do you really care about the world, all families, and your collective future−by promoting childfree life benefits and your manifesto?
    9. So, one of your life’s choices is to neither have a biological child nor adopt one? What made you come to this decision in life?
    10. Again, what exactly did you choose in your life to make your life a meaningful one−by being childfree?
    11. Lastly, do you believe in God?

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