It’s a…blog!

Birth Announcement

Special delivery! We’re having a… BLOG! And we think a celebration is in order. While our announcement may not seem worthy of congratulations to some, we consider our milestones to be no less significant or important than the many milestones celebrated by parents and parents-to-be. We’re all well familiar with what those milestones are for parents – early on, it’s baby’s birth, baby’s first words, and baby’s first steps; later, it’s the first day of school and maybe a soccer or Little League championship; and then comes graduation day and perhaps a wedding sometime down the road. And then there are grand-kids…

In this blog, we’ll celebrate our kind of milestones. Things like a fun night on the town, a weekend away, a great day at work, roller derby triumphs, coral reef adventures, the adoption of a new pet, a successfully hosted event, the delicious joy of trying an unusual food. Heck, even the occasional boring night at home, wearing nothing but our underwear. You know, the stuff we can do because it’s just us. We’ll also ponder the joys and frustrations of the childfree life and share what we’ve learned about other childfree people from Amy’s research on the childfree.

Can’t wait to share the journey with you. Enjoy the ride… you know we will!

Amy and Lance

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