I think it all began when I was a kid…

We recently received an email, subject line “Thanks for this awesome blog!!!” Normally we ignore anything with less than two or less exclamation points.

I mean, if you’re not excited to write us, what’s the point? Right?

Anywho, in this case, having three exclamation points, we promptly read the email which came from Claudia in Switzerland. In it she shared her childfree story with us. Enjoy!

Childfree Stories - Claudia CarlettiI think it all began when I was a kid.

I think it all began when I was a kid.

I really hated dolls. They frightened me. I wanted to play with cars and my garage.

I am thankful my mom never forced me to play with dolls.

I received some dolls and hid them in a box.

Then when I was growing up, my cousins came along, and I never felt the urge to take them in my arms… I was afraid of babies!

When we were talking about life in general, my sister would say she wants 3 dogs and 4 kids, when I just wanted dogs, and travel the world.

At puberty, when I started to realize what it meant to have babies and how it all works, it struck me : I don’t want to go through this.

« You’ll change your mind » « You’ll see when you grow up ».

At 18, I was still thinking, why the hell should I have a baby someday?

I really don’t enjoy their presence, and taking care of someone that depends on me frightens me!

Well, here I am, 28, and still convinced that it’s not for me, having kids, it’s not ME, not who I am and feel like being. « You’ll change your mind when time comes ». Why? I don’t think you can change your tastes at some point. You like it or you don’t like it, who is to judge? We are pilots of our own lives.

My family never put pressure on me about this child issue, but now I can feel the judging now that I’m almost 30. Grand kids? Well, won’t be me. Did you make me for you or for me?

Am I normal? Who cares! I decide to live my life. I’m old enough to do so.

When you give birth, you give birth to a person that will develop their own choice of life, not YOUR choice of life. Genetics aren’t everything.

If everyone listened closely to their hearts and feelings, there would be fewer abandoned children and miserable families torn apart.

People’s questions still annoy me, but I know I am making the right choice, and following my gut.

You know what’s normal? Following your heart!

I can see myself in 10, 20, 40 years, happy, and enjoying the simple joys of life. Having my partner, my friends, and grow until it’s time to leave this planet.

There will be a trace of my time on earth, I hope, in the people that I love hearts.

Thanks for creating this blog. Sometimes we feel all alone. Especially at that age.

So I hope my story makes the other CF happy and less alone too! 🙂

Claudia Carletti from Switzerland

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