It’s a… BOOK!

Introducing Childfree by Choice, due June 11!


Childfree by Choice:
The Movement Redefining Family and Creating a New Age of Independence


“…thoroughly researched and illuminating…” -Kirkus
“…well-reasoned, evidence-based…” -Publisher’s Weekly
“…sympathetic to both nonparents and parents alike…” -Booklist

Due June 11, 2019

With love, Dr. Amy Blackstone, author & Lance Blackstone, contributor


Available at

Our favorite independent bookseller, The Briar Patch
Barnes & Noble
Apple Books

4 thoughts on “It’s a… BOOK!

  1. So happy about your expected blessed event (lol) – perhaps our progeny (due weeks apart) can be bffs! With all seriousness, this is an important topic, congrats on this accomplishment! xox

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