Running Shoes

I just ordered a new pair of running shoes for the first time in about 4 years. Exciting news, right? Not really, but it did get me thinking about why its been so long. You see, when Amy and I moved to Maine from Minneapolis we were both pretty avid runners. I’ve run a couple […]

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And The Winners Are…!

We were blown away by the response to our Give Us A {childfree} Reason birthday contest. You guys really seem to know why you’re childfree and, we’re happy to report, are ready and willing to shout it from the rooftops. Plus, you guys are funny and clever and other stuff like that. Can we be friends? […]

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Give Us A {childfree} Reason

It’s w{n}hab!’s birthday and to celebrate we thought a little contest was in order! With prizes even! The Set Up There are a lot of reasons to remain childfree. We’ve Facebooked and Tweeted and Google+ed quite a few over the last year, including these beauts: Reason #298 – I’ll never be inclined, nor need, to […]

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South African & Childfree

South Africans Can Be Childfree Too It is a well-known fact* that South Africans are almost never childfree. Why is this you ask? Well, it’s because African predators like lions and giraffes are drawn to the childfree as prey items. Their tender flesh and thoughtful minds are just tastier than those of parents and parents-to-be. […]

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Princeton Mom Susan Patton-tly Crazy

We have our first guest post on Lance’s Rants! Yep, today Amy steps up to the mic to drop her two cents on the musings of wack job Susan Patton. Without further ado, enjoy! ~ Lance Susan Patton-tly Crazy In a fit of fear mongering that would surely make doomsday demographer Jonathan Last proud, “Princeton […]

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The Story(ies) of Crazy Baby

Many of you have taken what we consider to be an unhealthy interest in the origin of Crazy Baby. We’ve repeatedly been asked “Where did Crazy Baby come from?” We’ve also been asked: What the hell is that thing? Why wouldn’t you burn it with the help of a young priest and an old priest? Does […]

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Now Casting: (Childfree) Couple’s Retreat!

We just received a message from a casting agency looking for childfree couples! The Pitch We are looking for couples (preferably with no children) who could benefit from a couples retreat! It’s a fun show for a major network The Payola The couple selected for the show will be compensated $25,000, too. It is a […]

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In The News

The Childfree Choice on Reproductive Left Podcast

I recently talked about the childfree choice on Reproductive Left, an awesome podcast produced by Mabel Wadsworth Women’s Health Center right here in River City (Bangor, Maine, that is). It was a fantastic experience, made even better by the fact that I was interviewed by a former student, Abbie Strout, who is now Mabel’s Education […]

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To The People Who Seem Unable to Behave Like Adults

I like a good parent on parent brawl as well as the next childfree person, but when I read blogger Dad On The Run‘s recent post To The Person Who Left My Sister This Unbelievably Judgmental Letter I wept for humanity. Why? Because everything about it, and everyone involved, is ridiculous. Here’s an open letter to […]

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Research Logo

4 Ways the Childfree Create Family: Part Deux

A couple of weeks ago I posted the first installment of 4 Ways the Childfree Create Family, describing how the childfree fulfill two of four common functions of families. This week, I’ll address the other two functions. To recap, social scientists generally recognize four major functions that families fulfill in our society: 1)      Fulfilling the sexual […]

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